About Us
Architecture at Integrid is not just designing buildings but sharing vision of our clients. Instead of regular brick and mortar story we have got involved into the aspirations of our client, may it be a beautiful space, a long lasting institution or a new township. This attempt to go all the way out to reach to client satisfaction and understanding has taken us to newer heights.

We believe that the work delivered is more appropriate when any prejudices are kept cornered in mind when dealing with solutions. Our work reflects this very notion and has freed us from any standardization keeping us open to experimentation and innovation in reaching interesting solutions every time.

The ability to deal with multiple scales from cities to campus planning to individual houses has given us wider perspectives in approaching any problem in a much more comprehensive manner than limiting to one facet.

Reaching this stage of work has been because of organized coordination with contractors and consultants and evolution of good inter-relationships. It has been a great experience to work with various people and discuss at length, various site issues and solutions. Moreover our success also has been a result of meticulous round the clock work, unique teaming, internal auditing and efficient management along with a vibrant office environment providing the necessary tempo.

“ Simplicity and response are the qualities that make true architecture “

- Ar. Ravi Kadam
Director, InteGrid